Local Scholarship Process

2018 Local Scholarship Process

2018-2019 Local Scholarship Process


Dear Senior:

Attached are several scholarship applications.

Step one:  Complete your FAFSA today.  Reminder:  once there you are going to complete the FAFSA for  2019-2020.  See Mrs. Denton if you need assistance.  Go to:  www.fafsa.ed.gov.  You will need the following to complete the form:  Social Security numbers and dates of birth for you and both of your parents.  Email addresses for you and your parent.  You will also need the month and year that your parents were married or divorced or widowed.  You may also need to know how much each of your parents made. When you submit this form, make a copy of the page that tells you what you are eligible for.  You will see EFC on it and the words estimated family contribution.

Step two:  Gather your materials (transcript, resume with personal statement, FAFSA submission page, recommendation form)

Step three:  Complete the Branch County Community Foundation Scholarship Application.   FYI:  Southern Michigan Bank & Trust uses this application for all of their scholarships!!!!!!  Go to www.brcofoundation.org and complete their on line application.  This application will be open beginning November 1, 2018.   You will need to scan some items and Mrs. Denton will be more than happy to assist you (she is a professional scanner).  Some of the biggest scholarships are awarded through this application.  Last year Bronson Seniors received $50,000 in scholarships through this application.  Complete this by February 11, 2019 and be eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift card.  Deadline is 3-1-2019.

Step four:  Complete the Bronson Local Scholarship Application.  FYI: Century Bank uses this application for all of their scholarships.

Go to the school’s website for a copy, use the copy in this packet or see Mrs. Denton for a copy.  Complete the application and all other needed materials.  Make all of the necessary copies and turn into  Mrs. Denton by March 1, 2019 at noon.  Remember to make one copy of the entire packet for each scholarship you wish to apply for-the exception is the Century Bank and you only need one copy for all of theirs.


If you need help-ask Mrs. Denton!!!!!!! She will help you complete the entire packet as long as you ask before March 1, 2019.