Award-Winning May Term

The Bronson High School runs two terms similar to semesters and an additional five-week May Term. During May Term, the district’s academically accelerating students can take a variety of academic electives, such as organic chemistry. For the students who need additional instruction in order to master their standards based core classes, May Term offers five weeks of additional small group/individualized instruction to assist them in recovering their credits and showing mastery of the standards.
May Term offers numerous elective options, including forensic science, interior design, origami, robotics, Civil War history, the art of cakes, introduction to engineering, archery, strength training, creative writing, geocache, the Holocaust and literature, ceramics, anatomy, dance, short stories and first aid.
May Term has made a huge difference for many of the district’s students. In May of 2014, there were 155 incidences of class credit recovery for the participating students. Of the 92 seniors who graduated in 2014, 41% or 38 seniors took one or more May Term credit recovery classes over their four year
academic career. In other words, May Term, on average, helps 41% of Bronson Schools’ students meet their graduation requirements.

Bronson’s May Term was recognized at the 2014 Michigan Association of School Administrators Conference as part of their Winners’ Circle Awards for effective programs or practices that achieve results and can be replicated in other districts.

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