Board Members

Each school district is governed by a board of education. Under state law, school board members are state officers who carry out the state’s educational obligations at the local level. Every school board member must take an oath of office promising to uphold all laws.

For more information on local school boards please visit Michigan Association of School Boards

Bronson Community School Board Members

Title Name Phone Term Expires
President Deb Balowski 517-369-1192 2018
Vice President Janet Byler 517-369-7222 2022
Secretary Lorinda Ratkowski 517-369-7353 2020
Treasurer Dennis Sikorski 517-425-9046 2018
Trustee Brian Eley 517-617-4556 2022
Trustee Mike Roberts 517-617-7200 2020
Trustee Chuck Salek 517-227-2851 2020


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